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Twelve Piece Brush Set

Twelve Piece Brush Set


Create your masterpiece with the KASH Beauty 12-Piece Luxury Brush Set. This collection of high-quality, versatile brushes has something for every job, blending, smoothing and sharpening eye and face looks.
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Twelve Piece Brush Set
Regular price $122.14 CAD
Regular price $220.61 CAD Sale price $122.14 CAD
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  • Versatile brush set

  • Five face brushes and seven eye brushes

  • Unique super-soft brush fibres

  • Seamless blending and building

  • Faux-leather bag for storage

  • Cruelty-free and vegan


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    Tell me Everything

    Upgrade your makeup bag with the KASH Beauty 12-piece Luxury Brush Set. Containing 12 essential brushes, this set is perfect for beginners and make-up professionals alike. The set ensures you have every single brush you need to create any look you desire.

    Our brushes use the latest innovations in brush fibre, using a new super-soft fibre that’s rare on the Irish market. Product latches onto the fibres with ease, optimising pigmentation and blending seamlessly. These brushes will give you the perfect finish every time.

    Stored in a luxury faux-leather drawstring bag.

    What’s Included?
    Face Brushes
    K01 Powder Brush: A dome-shaped powder/bronzer brush to allow for precise application and even distribution
    K02 Foundation Brush: A flat-topped foundation brush packed with super-soft bristles, allowing you to evenly apply and blend product
    K03 Angled Contour/Blush Brush: an angled powder brush the perfect size and shape for defining your cheekbones
    K04 Small Powder Brush: A small dome-shaped brush used for precise application of powder
    K05 Highlighter Brush: A soft highlighter brush that’s the perfect size for precise application and soft blending

    Eye Brushes
    K06 Blending Brush: A super-soft brush for evenly applying and blending your shadows at the same time
    K07 Crease Blending Brush: A precise brush for packing on colour and blending at the same time
    K08 Dome Blending Brush: Designed to pack on and blend colour with precision. Ideal for more detailed work, and for smaller eyes
    K09 Concealer Brush: A super-flat concealer brush that’s suitable for more detailed work
    K10 Small Packer Brush: Ideal for packing on colour, perfect for smoking out your liner or lower lash line
    K11 Angled Brush: A small, angled brush with a spoolie, suitable for flawless liner and brow application
    K12 Small Liner Brush: A super-small, sleek-headed brush perfect for detailed liner work

    How to Use

    Use the brushes to apply cream, powder and liquid products with precision and ease.

    Product Care

    Clean your brushes regularly with a good brush cleanser and allow them to fully air-dry before using again. This will ensure your brushes stand the test of time.