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Colour Trip Artistry Palette - KASH Beauty
KASH Beauty Eyeshadow
Colour Trip Artistry Palette
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KASH Beauty Artistry Palette
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Colour Trip Artistry Palette

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The Colour Trip Palette is crafted for creation — any look imaginable is possible with this range of hyper-pigmented colours that span the whole shimmering rainbow, from purest white to deepest black.

This set of 5 vivid dual liners — 10 shades in total — are designed not only to complement one another but to enhance the multitude of shades in the Colour Trip palette.

  • Gleam - a pure and pristine white for highlighting any look

  • Trippy - an intensely pigmented hot pink shade 

  • Freak - a bright and light floral purple 

  • Acid - an acidic and vivid yellow-green shade

  • Dazed - a cool, calm turquoise reminiscent of the sea

  • Electro - a pigmented and warm electric yellow 

  • Soul - a deep, dark pink perfect for dramatic looks

  • Fantasy - a glamorous metallic purple with glimmering pink and blue shifts

  • Lucid - a deep and rich green inspired by the forest

  • Dream - a light, sleek neutral brown for use on any look

  • Riches - a shimmering metallic copper for eye-catching looks

  • Hot Stuff - a smouldering firetruck red, rich and deep in pigment

  • Punk - a pop of true purple to bring out your punk side 

  • Hypnotic - an icy-cool shape-shifting eyeshadow topper with teal, gold and silver glints

  • Retro - a deep, warm and neutral brown for creating any look

  • Vibe - a deeply-pigmented rustic terracotta shade

  • Brave - a stand-out vibrant buzz of bright orange

  • Toxic - a dangerously deep purple shade

  • Chill - an impossibly cool, hyper-pigmented shade of blue 

  • Wasted - a neutral, pure matte black


  • Mango Tango - a vivid yellow paired with a vibrant orange 

  • Love Bug - an intense, dreamy pink paired with a deep and rich red 

  • Purple Haze - a sumptuous berry-red paired with a cool, chic purple 

  • Tropical Fusion - a screaming green paired with a deep, intense blue 

  • Solar Eclipse - a bright, pure white paired with an intense matte black