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water-activated liners

Unleash your creativity with our much loved Water Activated Liners. As seen first in our Colour Trip palette, we needed to bring them out separately with some new shades due to the demand. 

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  • Activate the liner with water to create the perfect liner consistency, the more water you use the more fluid they become.
  • Apply to the eyes or face using one of our liner brushes. Our smudge and transfer-proof formula is perfect for a long-lasting pigmented finish. Colours can be mixed together for a customised look.
  • Set with a translucent powder for a water proof effect

crystal crush glitter gel

Crystal crush is a super pigmented and hyper-reflective glitter in a non-stick gel formula. We wanted to make using glitter or getting festival ready super easy. Use across the body and face. 


  • Moon Beam  - is a reflective silver shade with different size glitter particles and crescent moon shapes.
  • Star Burst - is a reflective gold shape with different size glitter particles and star shapes.
  • Cosmic Charm - is an iridescent pink shade that shifts colour under different light.
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HOW TO apply:

Application couldn't be easier with our tube component! Apply with a finger or brush, and pat onto the same area to intensify the glitter

jewel Lash collection

Introducting our NEW Jewel collection of lashes perfect for festivals with glitter & jewels


Sprinkled with a light dusting of silver glitter, these lashes add a subtle hint of sparkles and glam to elevate your look.


Sprinkled with a light dusting of gold glitter, lashes add a subtle hint of sparkles and glam to elevate your look.


Add some sparkle to any look with the addition of little gems for fun yet glam lashes.


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The Colour Trip Palette is crafted for creation — any look imaginable is possible with this range of hyper-pigmented colours that span the whole shimmering rainbow, from purest white to deepest black.

This set of 5 vivid dual water activated liners — 10 shades in total — are designed not only to complement one another but to enhance the multitude of shades in the Colour Trip palette. Create the perfect details or graphic liner with the ultra-pigmented wide range of shades.


  • The colour trip brushes are essential for creative looks. They are designed smaller to allow for more precision, making creative looks easier. They work amazing on smaller eyes, and allow you to create more detailed looks. 
  • Small liner brush: perfect for detailed liner work for creating more intricate looks.
  • Small flat brush: designed for packing on colour and for carving flawless cut creases.
  • Fluffy bullet brush: used for packing on colour more precisely and for meticulous blending. The perfect size for more detailed work for smaller eyes.
  • Medium-sized blending brush: designed to create a more precise and clear-cut blend.
  • Large blending brush: created for applying and blending eyeshadows at the same time. Super soft bristles to allow for an even blend.
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Set of 5 super soft eye brushes designed with the latest innovation in unique fibres, vegan and cruelty free

This super-soft sponge blends makeup seamlessly into the skin for a flawless finish. Suitable for use with liquid, cream and powder products.

Our Trance lashes are uber-dramatic and full-bodied, designed to add extravagance to the eyes. Each set of lashes is created using 3D synthetic fibres and features curved, comfortable and flexible bands to make application easier.

Add the ultimate finishing touch to any luxe look with the KASH Beauty Colour Trip Lashes in Trance.