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Twilight Lash

Twilight Lash


Give your eyes the twinkle of Twilight, a light, rounded-lash style to add length and flair without obscuring your pretty eyes. Our luxury lashes are lightweight, comfortable and rewearable.
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Twilight Lash
Regular price €6.95
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  • 1X pair of luxury faux-mink lashes

  • Twilight: A light, round lash that adds length without being too heavy on the eye.

  • Flexible lash band for easy application

  • 3D synthetic fibres for a full, lush look

  • Rewearable for up to 20 uses

  • Vegan and cruelty-free


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    Stay stunning even after the sun goes down with Twilight, a light, rounded style of lash with alternating lash lengths to create a little drama in any makeup look. The lightweight lash is easy on the eye, adding flair without weighing down the lid. KASH Lashes are lightweight, flexible and reusable. The comfortable faux-mink lashes can be used upto 15-20 times. Lash glue not included.

    How to Use

    Using your favourite lash glue, apply Twilight lashes to the lash line.


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    Product Care

    Place back into the protective plastic case after wear to ensure multiple uses.