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K12 Small Liner Brush

K12 Small Liner Brush


The devil is in the details with the KASH K12 Small Liner Brush, a tiny, sleek brush designed for perfecting your eye looks down to the last line.
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K12 Small Liner Brush
Regular price €9.95
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  • K12 Small Liner Brush: A super-small brush for razor-precise detailing work

  • Create perfect liner wings or more complicated works

  • Unique fibre technology for softer, smoother application

  • A perfect finish every time

  • Vegan and cruelty-free


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    Create the perfect liner looks with the KASH Beauty K12 Small Liner Brush, a super-small, sleek-headed brush perfect for detailed liner work. The soft, dense bristles allow the brush to pick up plenty of pigment without compromising the cleaness of the line work, making it ideal for avant-garde, artsy looks as well as perfecting a traditional eyeliner wing.

    How to Use

    Dip the K12 Small Liner Brush into your liner product of choice before using it to finish off your look with accuracy and ease.


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    Product Care

    Clean your brushes regularly with a good brush cleanser and allow them to fully air-dry before using again. This will ensure your brushes stand the test of time.