Laura’s everyday look

Step 1; Applying rose nude lipstick to cheeks as blush, pat with buffing brush

Step 2; Taking a fluffy blending brush, pick up true nude lipstick and blend all over lid concentrating into the crease

Step 3; Deepening your crease by taking the shade ‘Burnt’ on the same fluffy brush.

Step 4; With a smaller brush, apply ‘Gemstone’ into the inner corner

Step 5; Using a small bullet brush, combine Tomb and Wreck, smoking into the upper lash line

Step 6; Stamp Forbidden into the upper lash line with a small angled brush

Step 7; Laura completes the look with ‘Twilight’ lashes from Crystal Nights Luxury Lash Set

Step 8; Laura lines her lips with True Nude Lip Liner and applies Soleil Lipstick into the centre of her lips.

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Katriona’s Natural Glam

Step 1; Taking a small fluffy brush blend shade ‘Haze’ from the Crystal Nights Palette into the crease, smoking out to the temple

Step 2; Applying the shade ‘Enchant’ with a dense fluffy brush to the outer corner of the lash line blending into the crease

Step 3; Carve out your lid with the Eyeshadow Toppers in shade ‘Gold Dust’

Step 4; Complete your look with your favourite lashes

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Keilidh’s Everyday Go-To

Step 1; Bronzing with the Sculpt Stick shade ‘Shady Beach’ to the side of the forehead, just under the cheekbones, defining the jawline and shaping her nose.

Step 2; Gliding the Blush Sculpt Stick Shade ‘Love Language’ onto the top of her cheeks to create a lifted effect and the front of the nose for a sunkissed look.

Step 3; Buffing in the Bronzer and Blush with the K02 brush

Step 4; Applying the shade ‘Angel Energy’ Highlight to the high points of her face for some natural glow

Step 5; Taking the Sculpting Sponge to blend effortlessly onto the skin

Step 6; Applying the Sculpt Stick in shade ‘Angel Energy’ to the shoulders and blending in with the Sculpting Sponge giving the body a glow

Step 7; Applying ‘Shady Beach’ Sculpting Stick to the lid and buffing out with K06 from the Luxury Brush Collection

Step 8; Taking the Highlight Sculpt Stick ‘Angel Energy’ with the K09 Brush and applying to the center of this lid, brightening the eye

Step 9; Swiping the Sculpt Stick in shade ‘Love Language’ to the lips for a moisturising glowy lip.

Step 10; Finish off this look with the Starlight Lipgloss

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