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Colour Trip Eyeshadow Brushes
Colour Trip Full Collection - Brushes
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Colour Trip Eyelashes
Colour Trip Eyeshadow Palette
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Full Colour Trip Collection

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The Colour Trip Collection was created with imagination and inspiration in mind. Designed by Keilidh herself, her inspiration for the collection is pure love for makeup artistry and the freedom it allows. This Set features all the tools needed to craft any kind of look imaginable — from soft, feminine daytime faces to bold, avant-garde looks, there’s something in this set for every artist. 

Colour Trip Palette with a range of 20 highly-pigmented shadows spanning the entire colour spectrum as well as 10 water-activated eyeliners in complementary colours

Colour Trip Brush Set, containing 5 detailed and expertly crafted eyeshadow brushes topped with super-soft bristles

Colour Trip Lashes, a set of ultra-dramatic faux-mink eyelashes designed to enhance any look

Colour Trip Sculpting Sponge, a super-soft beauty blender sculpted to blend every angle of the face, available in a black-and-purple marble design

The Colour Trip Palette is crafted for creation — any look imaginable is possible with this range of hyper-pigmented colours that span the whole shimmering rainbow, from purest white to deepest black. 

Alongside this set of 5 vivid dual liners — 10 shades in total — are designed not only to complement one another but to enhance the multitude of shades in the Colour Trip Palette.

Gleam - a pure and pristine white for highlighting any look

Trippy - an intensely pigmented hot pink shade 

Freak - a bright and light floral purple 

Acid - an acidic and vivid yellow-green shade

Dazed - a cool, calm turquoise reminiscent of the sea

Electro - a pigmented and warm electric yellow 

Soul - a deep, dark pink perfect for dramatic looks

Fantasy - a glamorous metallic purple with glimmering pink and blue shifts

Lucid - a deep and rich green inspired by the forest

Dream - a light, sleek neutral brown for use on any look

Riches - a shimmering metallic copper for eye-catching looks

Hot Stuff - a smouldering firetruck red, rich and deep in pigment

Punk - a pop of true purple to bring out your punk side 

Hypnotic - an icy-cool shape-shifting eyeshadow topper with teal, gold and silver glints

Retro - a deep, warm and neutral brown for creating any look

Vibe - a deeply-pigmented rustic terracotta shade

Brave - a stand-out vibrant buzz of bright orange

Toxic - a dangerously deep purple shade

Chill - an impossibly cool, hyper-pigmented shade of blue 

Wasted - a neutral, pure matte black



Mango Tango - a vivid yellow paired with a vibrant orange 

Love Bug - an intense, dreamy pink paired with a deep and rich red 

Purple Haze - a sumptuous berry-red paired with a cool, chic purple 

Tropical Fusion - a screaming green paired with a deep, intense blue 

Solar Eclipse - a bright, pure white paired with an intense matte black

Crafted to cover all your eye-brush needs, this set of 5 super-soft, expertly crafted brushes are essential for creating any kind of eye look, from soft and subtle to bright and bold.

  • Small liner brush: perfect for detailed liner work and for creating more intricate looks. 

  • Small flat brush: designed for packing on colour and for carving flawless cut creases. 

  • Fluffy bullet brush: used for packing on colour more precisely and for meticulous blending. The perfect size for more detailed work and for smaller eyes.

  • Medium sized blending brush : Designed to create a more precise and clear-cut blend.

  • Large blending brush: created for applying and blending eyeshadows at the same time. Super-soft bristles to allow for an even blend.