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Beach Essentials

Beach Essentials


Grab your beach essentials ! This bundle will ensure that you bring everything you need for you skin to stay hydrated and glowy at the beach Includes Radiant Canvas primer, a choice of your favourite Lip oil, Gold Beam skin glaze and a sculpting sponge to blend.
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Beach Essentials
Regular price £38.57 GBP
Regular price £55.61 GBP Sale price £38.57 GBP
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  • Lip Oil: Nourishing, non sticky lip oil with lip-loving ingredients

  • Sculpt Sponge: Super-soft blending sponge

  • Gold Beam Skin Glaze: Eye-catching gold shade Natural, flawless finish. Easy to apply 

  • Radiant Canvas Primer: Plumps, smooths and preps the skin


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    Lip Oil: lip oils are bursting with lip-loving ingredients — collagen and vitamin E to reduce the appearance of fine lines, ceramide and hyaluronic acid to eliminate chapped and dry skin, and rosehip oil and shea butter to keep your pout moisturised.

    Sculpt Sponge: Perfect skin is just a swipe away with the KASH Beauty Sculpting Sponge. The super-soft, aerodynamic blending sponge seamlessly smooths the product onto the skin for a flawless, photo-worthy finish. Use the sponge to apply creams, powders and liquids with precision and ease. You’ll never have to deal with streaky, patchy makeup again. Yay!

    Gold Beam Skin Glaze: High-shine liquid highlighter Gold Beam: A decadent, eye-catching gold shade Natural, flawless finish Easy to apply — melts into the skin Highly-pigmented.

    Radiant Canvas Primer: This lush, dewy primer is enriched with all kinds of skin-loving goodness: hyaluronic acid and ceramides to control oil and lock in moisture, avocado oil to nourish and repair the skin, and glycerin. The lightweight feel and super-smooth finish of the primer creates the perfect base for makeup that’ll stay put after application.

    How to Use

    Use these items together to create the perfect base for an event or big occasion, or use them separately to add a touch of perfection to your everyday looks. The possibilities and combinations are endless!


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    Product Care

    Store in a cool, dry place away from direct heat and sunlight.